Ready…Get Patches… Go!

Thousands of years ago embroidered patches were used by royalties and high priests to embellish their robes. History also shows Mediterranean merchants, Mideast travellers, great traders from china, India and South America were some of the first people who used these embroidered art.


It is a piece of embroidery which is created by using a fabric backing combined with thread to create a decorative design. It can be attached with a pin or sewn on.

Military service men and other uniformed personnel use these patches as part of their uniform to identify their unit or company. Other government offices such a NASA also have attached embroideries on their astronaut’s uniforms.

Today, the use of these embroidered designs has gone beyond just the military and government organizations. These are now being used by civilian organizations such as corporations and sports teams.

Decades ago patches were hand-made which was why these were reserved for kings and other elite members of the society However, with the onset of technology, computers can now be used to create these faster at lower costs.

To create one, you first need to cut out a shape using a firm fabric to serve as the backing. The edges are then heated-sealed to prevent fraying. Once this is done, the embroidery is stitched in place.

There are different types of stitches used in embroidery. These stitches are the basis of embroidery. Patches are frequently crafted from a combination of chain, satin and hemming stitches. Machines can use multiple threads which makes it a faster process.
Nowadays, with modern technology virtually any design can be recreated in thread on an embroidered attachment. What used to take hours can now be completed in minutes. Designs are simply scanned on to the computer and digitally sent to embroidering machines.

Because it is now easy to make, one can see these embroideries on virtually anything. Here are some popular designs seen today.


There’s no better way to show patriotism than to wear it proudly on your clothes or accessories. However, this type of design can be tricky as the print needs to have all the necessary elements as well as accurate colours.

Brand Names

Embroideries are also now used in promoting popular brands. Most companies prefer this as it offers a more sophisticated and professional finish than silk screen printing.

Pop Culture Symbols

From cartoon characters to sports teams, there is no shortage of options when it comes to embroidered designs. These can be attached to clothing or accessories such as totes and backpacks. It’s actually quite common to see people walking around with embroideries showing their support for a pop idol or other iconic symbols.

Military Insignias

Authentic patches are considered collector’s items as these cannot be reproduced by just anybody else. It is illegal for other manufacturers to create a design that incorporates the image of an official Army heraldic item.

The craft of making these embroideries has been around for centuries but with the launch of new high-speed, computerized machines this once rare, sluggish art can now be mass produced at affordable prices.

Most companies now prefer to use embroideries instead of regular silk screen printing as it appears more elegant and sophisticated. These also last longer as they are treated to withstand industrial laundry.

Your business or organization can also use embroidered designs for uniforms or other items. Ordering is quite easy. Below is an overview of the design and order process.

Step1 – Design Submission

PatchesFill out the form on our website to give us details such as colour and size of the embroidery you need created. There is a colour and size guide available on the site so you can specify the exact shade you need. Other options such as the type of backing and borders are also available on our site.

Attach an image or description of your design and our artists will take care of the rest.

Step2 – The Artist’s Proof

Our artists will send you what they’ve created based on the details you provided. Simply review the design and see if it meets your standards. If you need anything altered, simply end it back so the changes could be made.

Step3 – Final Product

Once you approve the design sent by the artists, your order will be created. When these are completed, they will be inspected and shipped to you.

Visit our site to begin the process so your company can start enjoying the benefits of these embroidered attachments.

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