The Different SEO Hats

The amount of websites that have begun to depend on search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategies has been rising steadily over the past several years. It is not just a fad, but an established trend that has been taking the internet by storm.

Traffic boostSEO is a process or method by which websites boost performance by improving the contents. It is a long and complicated task that involves a remarkable amount of research and work. Websites invest a lot of their resources in their SEO operations because of all the long term benefits and advantages that it affords them. There are only a few other marketing strategies that are as effective and cost efficient as SEO strategies.

Most internet users might not know this, but there are two different kinds of SEO techniques. These two categories are the hats from which website marketers pull out their tricks to increase a website’s profile on the internet. Getting an idea of what these two categories are like is important if a person wants to get a better grasp of how websites become popular on the internet.

Do not worry; getting a good idea of these two hats will not require a high understanding of information technology. All a person needs is a bit of curiosity and the drive to read the information provided for down below.

White hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO technique is the recommended SEO tactics that websites and SEO companies should employ. These are the legitimate methods by which a website is improved through design and function.

The idea behind white hat SEO technique takes a two pronged approach in improving a website’s performance.

marketing strategiesThe first part has something to do with website visibility and detection on search engine result pages (SERPs). Websites are highly dependent on SERPs to gain some exposure to their target audience. A website wants to get on top of the SERP list, which is the page result that displays a list of websites whenever a person uses a search engine, because it increases their traffic flow. Traffic flow is often used as a yard stick to measure a website’s success.

White hat SEO techniques involve a wide variety of tasks including, but not limited to, consistently producing high quality content, improving web design, streamlining coding, and so much more. These are the recommended techniques because these methods genuinely improve the website’s quality thus giving internet users their desired results and a pleasant website experience.

Websites that use white hat SEO techniques establish a good reputation with search engine operators and internet users.

Black hat SEO techniques

whill marketingThis is the bad hat to the good hat of white hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO technique refer to the category of techniques which are frowned upon and disapproved by search engine operators, such as Google or Bing, and internet users.

Any SEO technique that deceives internet users into going to a website which they think is relevant, but is in reality not, is a black hat SEO technique. Using fake tags and link farming are just a few examples of black hat SEO technique.

Search engine operators hate these sort of SEO tactics because it ruins the internet for the general population. Furthermore, it decreases the reliability of search engines because the users are given false results. Visiting a website that uses black hat SEO technique is sort of like getting a false positive. Internet users think that they are getting what they need when in reality they are not.

Websites should be careful in using black hat SEO technique. The reason why few websites and SEO companies employ them nowadays is because search engine operators punish those who do. Black hat SEO technique users are often black listed or removed from the SERP. Any website that gets removed or banned from SERPs can kiss their online venture goodbye since most people trust the results search engines provide them with.